I first would like to share with all European actors of our sport a great, peaceful and joyful year 2016. May we have all the opportunities to enjoy all the good times of life.

What a long process to arrive at this bulletin #3 and a planning for the event!

On the 12 clubs each National Governing Body has proposed in September 2015, only 9 of them gave us a positive answer: Rethel Ardennes (FR), Wolves Charleroi (BE), HC RUBI CENT PATINS (ES), HC Laupersdorf (SWI), ihcSF Linth (SWI), HC Milano Quanta (IT), Les Tigres de Garges (FR), Norton Cyclones (UK), Bruxelles Phenix (BE). ISC Mannheim (DE) joined the event. We thought the registration was over.

CERILH received a request from the Spanish Federation, asking us to approve the replacement of Espanya by CPL Valladolid (ES). CERILH committee approved it and after trying to find a 12th club, in order to organize a tournament with an even number of teams, that we didn’t find, CERILH finally closed the registration with 11 ones.

CERILH is so delighted and proud that European Clubs Competition can restart. I really think that CERILH is now in a good way. Rules have been made in order to treat this main expectation of roster not reinforced only for the event.

In this Bulletin, you will find previous information about the organization and venue + all the information about groups, planning of the games and referees team.


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