In bold are updates in team orders in groups
The Round Robin is about to finish and the second phase will start, with the European League and President Cup Groups. In order to clarify this transition, we publish the rules about groups constitutions and will update the article at the end of each games.

  • EL1 is composed by 1st from Group A, 2nd from Group C and 2nd from Group B
  • EL2 is composed by 1st from Group B, 1st from Group C and 2nd of Group A
  • PC1 is composed by 3rd from Group A, 4th from Group C, 4th from Group B
  • PC2 is composed by 3rd from Group B, 3rd from Group C and 4th of Group A


  • Les Tigres de Garges
  • Bratislava
  • Laupersdorf


  • Milan
  • Valladolid
  • Cittadella


  • Linth
  • Mannheim
  • Charleroi


  • Bisley
  • Rotherham
  • Köping
Saturday April 13th 2019
April  13th 19 09.00 Garges Laupersdorf Roana
April  13th 20 09.00 Linth Charleroi Asiago
April  13th 21 10.30 Milan Cittadella Roana
April  13th 22 10.30 Bisley Köping Asiago
April  13th 23 14.00 Charleroi Mannheim Asiago
April  13th 24 14.30 Laupersdorf Bratislava Roana
April  13th 25 15.30 Köping Rotherham Asiago
April  13th 26 16.00 Cittadella Valladolid Roana
April  13th 27 19.00 Mannheim Linth Asiago
April  13th 28 20.00 Bratislava Garges Roana
April  13th 29 20.30 Rotherham Bisley Asiago
April  13th 30 21.30 Valladolid Milan Roana