We are delighted to announce that the 4th European League is organized this year in Italy. The club of Milano Quanta is taking the lead on a collaboration with the main sports events’ organizer in Roana, to set this event up. A Local Organizational Committee (LOC) is now in place, with Riki Tessari as president and Angelo Roffo as CEO. The LOC is now in charge for collaboratively organizing the European League, in Roana.

We are improving our rules. During the 2018-2019 break, we worked on a new transfers system in Europe, mainly to solve issues we see during the European League, where our movement was still facing criticism on the players’ qualification dealing mainly with ethics and equality of chances subjects. Our new regulation “Player Statutes and Transfer Regulation” is a clear and modern answer to this, as our intent is to deliver not a rule but a framework, that provide each single European local federation/association the tools to organize and frame players movement in their country, while it gives players and clubs flexibility and security of movement.

We have also changed the quotas’ rule to qualify in EL, that is now based on the total of games in all competitions (and not or Championship or Cup as previously set).

We want, with those two adjustments, to be as fair as possible when it deals with player qualification and the feeling for teams to compete with equality of chances and fair rules.

On our organizational side of the EL, we have now a framework of a contract, that will help our movement to engage more accurately with organizers, and help the Host in its task to organize an event at the standard we expect.

And so, little by little, by doing and learning, staying agile, our project become more concrete, as we receive the interest of new countries. The EL will start to welcome more and more national champions, to really reflect the highest level of sport in Europe. This is our goal since the beginning, with the intent to promote our sport and move it to the next level of development.

Find all documents for registering here:

Roana 2019



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