Congratulation to the team of Rethel who win the 3rd edition of the European League.

It was a great atmosphere yesterday at A. Chausson for the last day of the European League. On the semi-finals in the morning, Rethel defeated Norton Cyclones for the 1st game of the day, while Milano Quanto reached the final by beating team Beroun. On the President Cup’s side, Koping and Espanya reached the final after their respecting wins on Rubi and Hornets from Bisley.

President Cup:

On the qualification match, Linth beat Mannheim.

Rubi went out from a courageous team of Bisley by a score of 5-1, and the other spanish team of Majorca beat Koping on the same score of 5-1.

Rubi get the 3rd place of the President Cup, Koping the 2nd place. Majorca is the winner of the President Cup

European League

On the qualilication match, Lauperdorf beat the latvian team of Jelgava, Pirati.

After a quite balanced 1st period, Beroun easily went out of Norton to take the 3rd position of the European League.

The final game was opposing Rethel against Milano Quanta, and at the end, Rethel wins. Final score 9-2.

All the score are available here:

Closing ceremony was a time for the club to celebrate this new win and also give a warm support to their iconic president, Didier Lefebvre.

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