The European League start on april 5th in Rethel. 4 days of in line hockey with 9 nations and the best teams of their country, champions and cup winners. The format is unchanged and the same as last year.

EL 2018 starts with a 3 groups of 4 teams round robin. At the end of this phase, 4 groups of 3 teams are created. Two groups will play the European League Finals, two groups will play the President Cup Finals.

  • EL1 is composed with 1st group A, 2nd group B and 2nd group C
  • EL2 is composed with 2nd group 1, 1st group B and 1st group C
  • PC1 is composed with 3rd group A, 4th group B and 4th group C
  • PC2 is composed with 4th group A, 3rd group B and 3rd group C

Each team play each other. Based on ranking the event will end with standard semi finals and finals.