CERILH is delighted to open the registration process for the 2018 European League, that will take place in Rethel from 5th to 8th April 2018. This event is opened in priority to the club champion of its national championship and cup winner of all the countries affiliated to CERS.

For the 2018 edition, CERILH is targeting 12 teams and the same format of competition as in 2017 in Valladolid.

CERILH European League starts with a unique level of competition that splits into two (2) separate levels of competition where teams will compete to win trophies called “European League Trophy” and “President Cup Trophy”.

The 2018 European League will begin with a three (3) groups round robin of four (4) teams. Teams will be seeded in 3 groups (A, B, C) and will play once against each other. 
Two teams from the same country can’t be in the same group. At the end of the 18 games, teams will be ranked in each group. The two first teams will be qualified for the “European League finals” and the two last teams for the “President Cup finals”.

From this split, the “European League” and “President Cup” will live their own competition. It will start by a group phase where teams are seeded in 4 groups of 3 teams (2 groups in each competition). All team will play against each other and at the end of this process, teams are ranked again in their group.

Then arrive “classics” semi-finals. 1st and 2nd of each group will play respectively against 2nd and 1st of the other group of the competition in question. Winners of the semifinals will play the finals while losers will play the Bronze Medal game. 3rd teams of each group play a final ranking game.


  • Arrival date and official training: Wednesday 4th April 2018 in the evening
  • Championship: From Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th April 2018
  • Closing Ceremony: Sunday 8th April 2018 before 19h (final game maximum between 17h and 17h30 to be confirmed in bulletin #2)
  • Daily Match schedule: First game 9,00 am – last game 9,30 pm – to be confirmed with teams registration and planning

Where: This event is played on two 40×20 Stilmat rinks

  • Roller Ardennes Pays Rethélois
  • Salle André Chausson
  • Rue Normandie Niémen
  • 08300 RETHEL

Framework of Rules:

  • Rules of the games is based on FIRS Rule Book
  • All CERILH administrative rules apply (can be downloaded on this website)

Access to all documents to register:

Rethel 2018


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