About the “Bid and Event Manual” for the organization of the 2018 European League, CERILH did not received any letter of intent within the time frame set in the previous document. In the same time, it appears that the date propose was entering in conflict with other events in some countries.

In a manner to facilitate the organization of such an event, CERILH committee has decided to open a new “Bid and Event Manuel” for this event.

The new dates are April 4th to 8th 2018. For all interested organizers, CERILH needs to receive a simple letter of intent before October 15th 2017. A complet dossier must be addressed before October 29th 2017, with all the elements describing the Event Concept.

For all teams and federations, as a reminder, European League is open in priority to all national champion and national cup winner of each country where the governing body is affiliated to CERS/CERILH.

CERILH will detail the list of automatically qualified teams soon…

To download the new “Bid and Event Manual”