Dear athletes and officials,

Valladolid is our second destination, after Rethel, for the European League in its brand new format.

It is also the first year that this event is really organized in a format with 12 teams. The event is amazing, 12 teams, a format that is proposing 7 games in 4 days to all teams all games will represent a challenge, where each result as an impact in the race to the win.

For all players, it will be a great moment.

As it was last year, all the conditions are there to let you have a real unforgettable sport experience.

Purpose of CERILH is not only focused on the games. Games are important, obviously. But what is around the games is also really important for us. We really wish this event to be under the signs of respect. A big work has been made by the Valladolid club in order to set up the 2017 European League, be respectful with all volunteers, respect the equipment, respect volunteers, respect other people, respect all other officials’ delegations.

The 2017 event will see joint effort to improve significantly the communication about the event.

You may already have seen a presentation clip on the social networks, really impacting. The media guide is at a professional level. The website and especially all the work around sports data is amazing. All games on 1st rink will be live streamed with a 2 camera system and in certain circumstances, the local TV may come with a professional 6 cameras production.

CERILH is putting the effort in covering the event in coordination with the organizer and emphasizing on games report, emotions, best players and fans, with a baseline in mind, « European League, elevating emotions ».

I’ll write again what I said to you last year: “I never lose. I either win or learn”. So be tolerant with others, accept what is not perfect and accept that people around you are here to learn too.

In 2017, every person is a media. So be yourself, share your experience with others on your social networks, enjoy and give the best of you. CERILH platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are are waiting for your likes, your shares.

I wish you to spend 4 crazy sport’s days at the European League.

Boris Darlet