CERILH is back again at Roana for its 2nd U18M Euro. CERILH is coming back this year in a place which belongs to this small group of Roller-In-Line-Hockey World Championship’s hosting cities. It is an honor for me and has to be an honor for players, coaches, officials, parents and everybody who is coming here!

Roana’s destination is obvious. Strong in line hockey culture, top infrastructures, easy accommodation’s capabilities and the most important part: kind people, smart, easy to work with and a really welcoming mood.

CERILH project has a focus on young generations because they are our top players in the future. Nobody becomes a top level player ‘from nothing’. It is a long process made of trainings and showdowns, successes and also learning from failure, to go beyond limits and to come back and learn about ourselves.

For this event, CERILH can count on four core countries that were there last year. They are Czech Republic, France, Italy and Switzerland. An interesting statistic… On the eight games that were opposing those four teams last year in 2015 U18M Euro, 75% ended with a difference of one goal. It is a really tight competition with intense games. Add to this that our new comer is Sweden and that the registering teams in this U18M event represent 5 of the top 6 last Junior World Championship ranking’s nations.

Everything is made to have a really high level event and homogeneous from one end to another. Hope that everybody will enjoy this event!

Boris Darlet