European League 2016 is over.

It has been a great event, with really great games, good teams, really nice players. Atmosphere was incredible and really positive. Live cast was insane, with really good image quality, replays and nice look and feel.

CERILH would like to thank:

  • The club of Rethel and especially Didier Lefebvre who really wanted this event to restart and took the risk to host it
  • All the volunteers who gave this special tone to this event, let us all feel really comfortable, like at home and for their disponibility and solicitude
  • All teams that came from all over Europe to participate to this event
  • All the referees, under Robi Engler and Andrea Fonzari management
  • All the Governing Bodies that gave their support for this event, especially the town of Rethel, the Communauté de Commune du Pays Rethelois, the Ardennes department and the Champagne-Ardennes Region.
  • CERILH partners who are FF Roller Sports and HLD (Bauer and Mission importer in France) and helped us to rebrand this event at a high standard of quality
  • The public, for their passion

See you soon