Dear athletes and officials,

You will participate to the first European League organized in Rethel.

It will be a great moment for you; all the conditions are there to let you have a real unforgettable sport experience.

Purpose of CERILH is not only focused on the games. Games are important, obviously. But what is around the games is also really important for us. Please share with others, talk, give feedback, stay open to others and be fair play.

Public will come to you to share things with you. Be welcoming, polite, smile and even if you don’t understand others language, stay open. They might ask you to sign autographs, don’t refuse this, for any reason.

Rethel club made a huge effort to prepare this European League. There will be 2 rinks, a lot of volunteers to welcome you and make your event even better. Please respect the equipment, respect volunteers, respect other people, respect all other officials’ delegations.

Media will come to you. CERILH asks to media to make all interviews in the media zone, equipped with branded materials. Please refuse any media interview that is not made in the media zone with the branded material behind you (rollup). In order to grow, we need you to help us respect our engagement towards sponsors. Doing this is giving the ability to do more each year for players and for the sport.

As Nelson Mandela said “I never lose. I either win or learn”. So be tolerant with others, accept what is not perfect and accept that people around you are here to learn through this beautiful experience.

In 2016, every person is a media. So be yourself, share your experience with others on your social networks, enjoy and give the best of you. CERILH platforms, for example, are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

I wish you to spend 4 crazy sport’s days at the European League.

Boris Darlet