1- Identity Checking

CERILH is not able to organize a single meeting before the event due to late arrival of some teams.
So Identity Checking and validation of your 14+2 players will be realized by referees before the 1st game.

I asked refs to request each player to present their ID Card when they are in the locker room before the first game. This ID Card will be compared to the number sent by you in the Squad List, validated by national governing body. After this verification process and the validation of the officials of the teams, the list of 14+2 and teams officials is final for the entire event.

2- Opening Ceremony

Due to the fact that the 1st team is arriving on wednesday afternoon, the last team on thursday afternoon, as well as part of the referees, CERILH decided to postpone the Opening Ceremony.

This opening Ceremony will take place before the 20.30 game on rink 1. All players for each team will have to wear their official jersey.

It will be a 15 minutes ceremony, followed by a picture of all participants.

3- Technical Meetings

CERILH is maintaining Technical Meetings every evening at 22.30.

The Technical Meeting is a 30 minutes meeting that is a time to discuss with coaches and team managers and treat all technical aspects and issues of the day. It is open to coaches, team managers, translators (if needed), ref in chief, organization representative, cerilh representative.

We really advise you to participate to this meeting, really…

Pour Garges et Charleroi, vous jouez le jeudi à 22.00. Prévoyez de déléguer une personne de votre équipe tout de même pour la durée du meeting.

4- Workshop

CERILH organizes a workshop on the future of European Clubs Competitions. It is a 1,5 hours meeting, to officially share ideas and opinions on such events and include your advices in CERILH roadmap.
It is open to anybody who wants to join (coaches, managers, clubs presidents, refs, country representatives, sponsors…)

Save the date: Saturday from 15.00 to 16.30

To sum-up:
– Tell your players that ID checking is made by refs in the locker room before 1st game
– Tell players to be at rink 1, at 21.40 with there jersey, for 15 minutes opening ceremony
– Don’t forget technical meeting (22.30 every evening, starting on thursday)
– Save the date for the workshop, saturday 15.00 to 16.30